World Tower

World Tower’s Senior Facilities and Building Manager, Erek Sudhakar, from Sydney based Building Management Australia, looks after the World Tower common area facilities on behalf of owners. Building Management Australia is a company with a reputation for delivering reliable facility services and building management solutions designed to manage and maintain residential and commercial complexes.

Erek Sudhakar says: “We have been focussing on water management at World Tower for the past year. First we installed SUMS™ from Watersave Australia in order to view water usage in 15 minute increments. This gave us a much better understanding of consumption. The SUMS™ graphs confirmed high usage in the commercial towers and a decision was made to proactively reduce water usage in these buildings.

Uridan waterless urinals were selected due to their proven technology and the attributed water savings. Other water savings initiatives included the installation of 5 star aerators in commercial amenities. 

We are pleased to report that together these initiatives have resulted in a 14% reduction in water usage. We aim to continue with online monitoring and water management for further improvements and positive impacts on sustainability at World Tower”, says Erek Sudhakar.

Windsor High School

December 2009 – “Monitoring the school’s water use from home I noticed that our school had a leak of 160 litres every 15 minutes. Making a few quick calculations I worked out that this leak would amount to 440,000 litres of water over the 4 week school break if left unchecked. Investigating the problem I realised that the water use was occurring as a result of just ONE toilet running continuously. If this problem had been left undetected for the duration of the school holiday the cost to the school would have amounted to $1428 (at current water and sewage disposal costs). Many schools have up to 30 toilets and more than 100 additional water outlets (bubblers and taps).

Ongoing SmartMetering and automatic leak detection and notification is the way to ensure that water is managed efficiently to avoid water wastage and unexpected water costs.

Peter Jones, Head Teacher of Science Windsor High School