Uridan is Australia’s leading brand of waterless urinal, widely acclaimed for its huge water savings, clever engineering and stunning Danish design.

The extensive range of  Uridan waterless urinals is a clear winner with architects and property owners looking for a combination of environmental performance, operating cost benefits and outstanding design. Uridan Waterless Urinals are significantly cheaper to purchase, install and maintain, when compared to normal flushing systems. In addition, big water savings and the associated reduction in carbon emissions mean that property owners can improve the environmental rating of their buildings.

The savings in water are clear. Uridan Waterless Urinals use no water for flushing. The cleverly designed waste trap is connected directly to the sewer system and a biodegradable blocking fluid creates a perfect seal blocking any urine odours.

Benefits of Uridan Waterless Urinals include

  • Huge Water Savings
  • Low Operating Costs
  • In-built trap with biodegradable fluid seal
  • Easy installation (for new a retro-fit installations)
  • Odourless Solution
  • Improved Hygiene
  • No plastic cartridges, rubber bladders or deodorising cubes required

Uridan waterless urinals are available in a range of colours and materials, as single bowl or trough urinals, and with both floor and wall wastes to suit any installation.