Cleaning & Maintenance

URIDAN waterless urinals are installed in many different types of buildings around Australia providing customers with an opportunity to save water while also providing  more hygienic amenities. The urinals are engineered specifically to function without water.

Each URIDAN waterless urinal is supplied with an initial bottle of uriLOCK blocking fluid (uriLOCK urinal oil). This blocking fluid is used to prevent the smell of urine from entering the room above the waterlock. An initial bottle of uriCLEAN cleaning spray is also provided.

Further supplies of uriLOCK and uriCLEAN can be purchased through your local plumbing hardware store.

Your URIDAN Waterless Urinal is also supplied with a stainless steel hook or a small suction cup. This is used to lift the stainless steel cover when changing the uriLOCK blocking fluid.


It is recommended that the Uridan waterless urinal or Uridan trough urinal be cleaned daily with uriCLEAN. The only other maintenance required is the changing of the uriLOCK blocking fluid periodically. The frequency of change will depend upon how heavily the urinal is used. SUMS Group has a urinal servicing division that can provide regular servicing within some regions of Australia or alternatively we can recommend one of our fully trained, Preferred Service Providers. Please contact us if you require more information about our service contracts or Preferred Service Suppliers in your region.

Below is a set of instructions for the cleaning and maintenance of the URIDAN waterless urinals. We recommend that these documents are downloaded and passed on to your cleaning / maintenance personnel.

For Material Safety Data Sheets on Uridan consumables see MSDS uriLOCK and uriCLEAN. If you have any further questions about the care and maintenance of the URIDAN waterless urinals please do not hesitate to contact us.

Daily Cleaning

Like any urinal the URIDAN waterless urinal should be cleaned daily. The cleaning process is very simple and will take only a minute or two per urinal.

We recommend the use of uriCLEAN, an anti-bacterial spray cleaner supplied by SUMS Group (formerly Watersave Australia). uriCLEAN is designed to clean the urinal surface without having an adverse effect on the blocking fluid used in the built-in waterlock.

The uriLOCK blocking fluid for use in the waterlock is a fully refined, pharmaceutical grade oil.  As many detergents are widely promoted to “cut through grease”, it is important NOT to use such detergents for cleaning as this will dispurse the oil in the Uridan waste trap.

Using the “spray” nozzle only a few squirts of uriCLEAN are needed and a 500ml bottle of uriCLEAN should last several months.

The cleaning process is as follows:

Shake the uriCLEAN bottle and spray the inside of the urinal bowl. It is also a good idea to spray the outside portion just underneath the lip of the urinal as not everyone aims properly!

Take a brush, similar to the kind used at home for washing dishes, and brush the inside of the bowl. Pay particular attention to around the waste cover to make sure that grit or dirt does not stick and block the flow.

Then, using either a soft cloth or disposable paper towel, wipe the inside of the bowl and also the outside area under the lip of the urinal. If using a cloth please ensure that it is not later used on other surfaces.

This process only needs to be done once a day under normal circumstances. If you are in a high use environment such as an Exhibition Centre, Casino or Airport servicing thousands of people daily you may choose to clean the urinals several times daily.

It is important to ensure that cleaning staff do not pour their buckets of dirty water into the urinal after they have finished the cleaning process. It is possible to lose a small amount of the blocking fluid if this occurs but the biggest concern is that the dirt and grime in the water can block the holes and restrict the draining of the urine during use.


To prevent odours during operation the URIDAN waterless urinal uses uriLOCK, a fully refined biodegradable oil which sits inside the waste trap and functions as a fluid seal preventing odours from the sewer system below. Over a period of time the waste trap may become blocked with uric deposits. This is when the waste trap needs to be serviced. The waste trap will need to be washed out, scale and deposits must be removed and the uriLOCK blocking fluid must be replaced. The frequency of changing the uriLOCK depends upon usage. It is estimated that the uriLOCK will need to be changed approximately every 6-12 weeks.

The uriLOCK oil used in the waste trap is bright green in colour and when the waste trap becomes blocked the contents of the waste trap will not drain – instead it will remain in the trap and will push the green oil upwards. When the green oil starts to be visible over the stainless steel cover it is a signal that it’s time to change the oil.

Washing out the waste trap and changing the uriLOCK will only take 5 or 6 minutes. It is a smelly task because it involves opening the waste cover to drain the oil and the accumulated contents of the waste trap into the waste system.

Some customers get their cleaners to change the uriLOCK; others use their maintenance crew or get someone external, such as their local plumber, to do the task on a scheduled basis. SUMS Group has a Uridan servicing division that provides a scheduled maintenance service in Sydney and surrounds or we can provide details of our Preferred Service Providers for other regions.

The procedure to wash out the waterlock and change the uriLOCK is as follows:

Wearing gloves, use the special key to remove the stainless steel waste cover. Place the cover in a bucket of (preferably hot) water.

With a small pair of pliers gently twist and remove the small central pipe in the middle of the waste trap, and place the pipe in the bucket of water with the stainless steel cover. All of the contents of the waste trap will disappear into the waste system when you remove the pipe.

Pour a bucket of (preferably hot) water down the urinal to flush out the waste trap. Take a brush and brush the inside of the waste trap, removing as much of the uric deposits as possible. This should only take a minute or so. Quickly clean the waste cover and pipe in the bucket, removing as much of the uric deposits as possible. These items are not required to be perfectly clean but please ensure that the holes in the waste cover are not blocked.

Place the small pipe back into place in the urinal, turning it slightly as you push it in. Fill the waste trap with water until it reaches the top of the small pipe and begins to drain into the pipe. Now replace the stainless steel cover. Pour in a 300ml bottle of uriLOCK. When the uriLOCK blocking fluid has drained through the stainless steel cover, wipe off any residue from the stainless steel cover. The urinal is now ready for use.

NOTE: It is important to turn the pipe slightly whenever you pull it out or push it back into place, as the act of turning the pipe ensures that the “o” ring within the waste trap remains in place.

If you have any questions regarding the cleaning or maintenance of the URIDAN waterless urinals, or you would like more information on uric scale removers for use with spare covers and pipes, please contact us on 02 9986 2700.

Like any urinal, waterless urinals need to be cleaned daily and serviced periodically to operate effectively and without odours.

Daily cleaning of urinal is performed by cleaners, however, regular servicing is required to remove build up of uric scale and replace the waste trap odour seal. Our trained service technicians provide this service to ensure that your urinals operate effectively; maintaining your facilities clean and hygienically fresh.