Preferred Maintenance Suppliers

SUMS Group (formerly Watersave Australia) provides Scheduled Uridan Maintenance Services to customers in the Sydney region. For other regions we has partnered with other companies specializing in the maintenance of waterless urinals. These companies have been fully trained  in the maintenance of the Uridan range of products.

This network of authorized Uridan Service Providers ensures that your Uridan urinals are maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the correct consumables are utilised to maintain your assets and provide the best possible ongoing care for your products.

Preferred Uridan Service Providers are listed below:

Sydney Region
SUMS Group Pty Ltd
Tel: 02 9986 2700

Melbourne Region
Platinum Plumbing
Tel: 0438 628 992

Brisbane Region
Ashdown’s Plumbing Maintenance
Tel: 07 3633 0211

Canberra Region
Tel: 02 6241 8133

Perth Region
DVF Plumbing
Tel: 0417 217 966