Uridan Parts & Service Kits

Servicing the Uridan waterless urinal is simple and several customers have now adopted a slightly different method when completing the scheduled maintenance of their Uridan waterless urinal.

This method requires a spare Uridan cover and pipe to replace the old cover and pipe that is removed from the unit during maintenance. When the old cover and pipes are removed from the urinal, these items are placed directly into a sealed container and the new cover and pipe are placed directly into the urinal. This means that instead of cleaning the cover and pipe during the changeover the spare cover and pipe can be used speeding up the process of maintenance.

The soiled cover and pipe can then be placed into a sealed container and taken away to a workshop to be soaked in boiling water with a uric scale remover. If left overnight the deposits will come off easily, and the cleaned items will be ready to be used as spares for the next service.

This method means that it is easier and quicker to complete the servicing of the Uridan urinals. You will not require a spare cover and pipe for every urinal that you have, but you may change more than one urinal at the same time and the number of units serviced at a time will govern the number of spare covers and pipes needed.

It is useful to note the date of the changeover of the URILOCK blocking fluid. Once a time interval between changeovers has been established a maintenance schedule can be initiated so that the changeover is done before the green urilock oil appears in the stainless steel cover.

The Uridan Service Kits  (including the Stainless Steel Cover and the Pipe) are listed below. Please ensure that you select the correct Uridan service kit for your specific urinal.

Service Kit 6/7Service Kit 6-7 - Flared Cover & Flared Pipe (with o-ring)

includes a Flared Stainless Steel Cover #6/7 and a Flared Pipe with an o-ring




Service Kit 5Service Kit 5 - Straight Cover & Straight Pipe (without o-ring)

includes a Straight Stainless Steel Cover #5 and a Straight Pipe (without the o-ring)



Service Kit 1  – PIPE ONLY

PLEASE NOTE: Stainless Steel Cover #1 (for pre 2009 – fibreglass urinals only) is no longer in production. Service Kit 1 - Cover & Straight Pipe

The straight pipe is still available.



Service Kit 4

includes a Stainless Steel Cover #2/4 and a Straight Pipe (for Uridan Models with a fixed rim in the waste trap)Service Kit 4 - Cover & Straight Pipe (for urinals with fixed rim only)




Service Kit 3

includes a Stainless Steel Cover #3 and a Large Straight Pipe (for Uridan Crew TROUGH urinals only)Service Kit 3 - Cover & Straight Pipe (for Uridan Crew TROUGH urinals only)





PLEASE NOTE:  These items are sold as kits only – including the Cover AND the Pipe. Contact your nearest plumbing wholesaler for a quote today.

Uridan consumables required for the maintenance and cleaning of Uridan waterless urinals include Urilock urinal oil and Uriclean cleaning solution.