The Mystery Box Rally is an eclectic mix of  old cars driving a mystery route over 5 days starting and ending in Mildura.  Participants will drive their own 25+ year old cars along a mystery route leaving Mildura on the morning of 20th October and returning on October 24th.

Our reasons for taking part in the rally are many but the 10 principles of the Rally pretty much sum it up:

  • to celebrate life
  • to honour those lost
  • to be selfless
  • to be generous
  • to support others
  • to be inclusive
  • to get involved
  • to watch out for each other
  • to have fun

Paul says: ‘Everyone out there has been affected by cancer in some way small or large and this event is a great way to give thanks and raise money to fund research into preventing, curing and supporting cancer patients and their families. I am pleased to introduce our rally team – aptly named ‘2 Burkes in a Merc’. ‘

Our SUMS Group Rally Team – aptly named ‘2 Burkes in a Merc’

The Mystery Box Rally is one of the largest community lead fundraising events for the Cancer Council in Australia having raised over $2.7 million in the last 5 years.

Paul says: ‘SUMS Group is proud of our involvement with this event in 2018 and we are excited to be doing our part to support this worthy cause. Part of the requirements for our participation is to raise a minimum of $3,500 but we are hoping to raise well above this amount. The Fundraising is the hardest part, so any donation is greatly appreciated.’

Please donate what you can and make sure you follow our progress via ‘2 Burkes in a Merc’