savings with uridan


The cost-efficiency of the uridan® urinal is clear. The product is significanty cheaper to purchase (a ratio of 3:1) when compared to conventional flushing urinals.

uridan urinals do not require sparge pipes, flush mechanisms or solenoids, and the product comes complete with its own fitting kit.


Similarly, uridan urinals are simple to install, requiring only a connection to the sewer pipe. This reduces plumbing costs significantly and no electical installation costs apply.


Finally,  ongoing operating costs are reduced. uridan waterless urinals save an estimated 60,000 litres of water per urinal per year. As an example, a building with 20 single bowl uridan urinals will save 1.2ML (Mega-Litres) of water per annum and associated waste water costs.

While primary benefits of conserving water will be a reduction in water bills, secondary benefits may also include energy savings, building efficiencies, and improved environmental ratings.

Servicing is simple – requiring only the uriLOCK blocking fluid to ensure the urinal is ready for operation.


Thinking of going waterless? Calculate how much water you could save.


We help you to save water and money whilst reaching your sustainability targets with ease.