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Mystery Box Rally SUMS it up for Uridan Team

Uridan Australia – A division of SUMS Group is thrilled to announce our involvement in the 2018 Mystery Box Rally. Managing Director, Paul Marsh, will be driving the mystery route in a 25 year old Mercedes Benz – All in the name of cancer research.

A unique collection offering 3 to 1 savings

Uridan delivers a lower purchase price, lower installation and operating costs, while secondary benefits for you to enjoy include immediate water savings, building efficiencies, and improved environmental ratings in your building.

Be a sustainability rock star in your building

The innovative, new uridan waterless urinals allow you to be a sustainability rock star. 100% water savings, simplicity in operation, resource and cost savings are primary features of uridan’s next generation urinal design. Check out the new design…

SUMS Group launches new uridan website

SUMS Group is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Uridan Australia website. The new site allows you to explore the entire collection, understand the water and cost savings attributable to uridan waterless urinals and download design brochures, technical drawings and more.

Uridan celebrates 15 years of water savings

This month, Uridan in Australia is celebrating its 15th birthday. SUMS Group, the Australian distributor for the uridan range are proud to represent the brand. We have a duty to use our water wisely. Our water usage today will affect generations to come and Uridan delivers savings and sustainability, every day

Uridan Australia – A Division of SUMS Group

Uridan has been an important part of Watersave Australia since 2003. In May 2017, Watersave Australia relaunched as SUMS Group to reflect the growing diversity of our company’s activities. Our rebrand to SUMS Group reflects our growing focus on water AND energy savings.

Watersave Australia’s Founder Wins Green Globe Award

Paul Marsh has been names Sustainability Champion at the 2012 Green Globe Awards. The award was presented to the water conscious MD for his work in establishing a company focused on reducing potable water use in commercial and government organisations.