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New uridan designs launching July 2020

Take a look at the latest uridan urinals, the uridan Master and the Admiral Mini. The expanding uridan collection cements uridan as the designer’s product of choice delivering a world of stylish options to tailor amenities by urinal design, colour, materials and functionality.

SUMS Group response to COVID-19

For details of our Business Continuity Arrangements in connection with COVID-19, please read on. We will continue to manage all business activities in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Australian Government Department of Health

The Uridan Collection

Uridan continues to focus on careful use of the world’s most valuable resource delivering performance and water savings in commercial amenities every day. Learn more about where uridan is installed, how the urinals work and what the benefits are for commercial buildings…

Using Water Wisely – National Water Week

Does your next project include uridan waterless urinals? Let’s use our water where we need it most. Choose uridan for water savings and improved sustainability ratings in your buildings. Check out the latest addition to the uridan collection here…

Uridan delivers designer bathrooms in white, black, green and gold

Does your project require something different? Are you looking for urinals that are black, grey, green or even gold? Uridan manufacturs urinals tailored to your project. Firstly you will need to look at the complete uridan collection to determine which urinal best...

uridan – saving precious resources

Water is precious … and flushing urinals with potable water is simply a waste of this precious resource. Uridan delivers a simple sustainable solution. Check out our URIDAN VIDEO here…

Water is precious – uridan is the sustainable choice

Uridan is responsible for huge water savings across the globe creating positive environmental change. Sustainable developments are no longer just on trend, it is how we need to operate to meet the increasing demands on our most precious resource.

Mystery Box Rally SUMS it up for Uridan Team

Uridan Australia – A division of SUMS Group is thrilled to announce our involvement in the 2018 Mystery Box Rally. Managing Director, Paul Marsh, will be driving the mystery route in a 25 year old Mercedes Benz – All in the name of cancer research.

A unique collection offering 3 to 1 savings

Uridan delivers a lower purchase price, lower installation and operating costs, while secondary benefits for you to enjoy include immediate water savings, building efficiencies, and improved environmental ratings in your building.