Cleaning & Servicing

Ongoing, uridan urinals save on potable water use and the associated embodied energy. The daily cleaning and intermittent maintenance regime is kept simple.

The uridan daily clean - It's Simple.

Daily Cleaning

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uridan can be cleaned very effectively with uriCLEAN. Simply spray and wipe the urinal surface with uriCLEAN cleaning spray. uriCLEAN helps to retain the high gloss finish of your urinal bowls and the lotus effect prevents any adhesion of urine drops, causing liquids to simply roll off. This keeps your amenities fresh and hygienic. 

  • Spray uriCLEAN on the cover and surface of the bowl.
  • Leave for a moment to react
  • Clean by brushing in a circular motion with a conventional brush.
  • Polish the outer and inner surface in circular motion with the uriCLOTH cleaning cloth.

Simple servicing - with lower costs and less effort.

Refilling uriLOCK

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Our patented, biodegradable blocking fluid ensures that your urinals remain clean, odourless and pleasant to use. No costly mats, deodorisers, inserts or chemicals are required in daily operation. 

  • Pour uriLOCK blocking fluid directly over the cover
  • Refill according to frequency of use (every 1-3 months)

Say Goodbye to heavy and persistent dirt and deposits!

Deep Cleaner

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uriSTRONG is designed for heavy and persistent dirt and mineral deposits in sanitary areas. uriSTRONG also removes lime and calcification. The recommended application is 3 to 6 times a year.

  • Lift cover with suction device.
  • Pour the 100ml of uriSTRONG directly into the urinal.
  • Leave for 5 to 15 minutes (depending on requirements)
  • Flush with 5 liters of warm water to ensure waste trap clears.
  • Clean the inside of the waste trap, the edge and neck of the urinal with a brush.
  • Flush again with 5 litres of water and slowly refill trap with water.
  • Insert the cover and pour uriLOCK over the cover.