Australian Universities have a focus on sustainability with clear plans and actions for a more sustainable future.

One of Australia’s leading universities recognises that it has an important role to play, not only in the research and teaching of sustainability, but also in demonstrating what’s possible. To meet this commitment the university has clear built environment characteristics, and any new developments must remain within the keeping of the overall master plan.

The University has initiated a range of water saving initiatives that have allowed the campus to become increasingly water efficient despite a growing campus and a steady increase in student numbers. With sustainability and resource savings a driving force, uridan waterless urinals were installed from 2012 delivering significant water savings.

Today, there are over 110 uridan waterless urinals across multiple campuses saving an average of 60,000 litres of water per urinal per annum.

Overall that’s a saving of 6,600kL of water per annum – and as the University has had the uridan waterless urinals for over 8 years, this amounts to overall water savings of 52.8 mega-litres.

To better visualise the water savings attributable to the uridan waterless urinals, this equates to the water volume in more than 20 Olympic sized pools.  

But the savings go beyond simple water savings. There is a significant reduction in waste water as uridan waterless urinals have no flush mechanisms coupled with a reduction in energy consumption because water is not required to be pumped around the campus to flush the urinals.

SUMS Group would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the University on their water saving initiatives and sustainability achievements.