Delivery & Payment Terms

When is payment requested?

Payment is requested upfront. In the Consumables Store you can add all products you would like to purchase to your “Cart” using the “Add to cart” button.

Once you have added all products you would like to purchase, you can then select “View Cart”.

Complete the Shipping section using the “Calculate shipping” option. Complete all details & select “Update”. You will now have the full cost payable for your purchase.

Hit the “Proceed to checkout” button to complete all of your Billing and Shipping details and make payment.

You can make payment by Direct Bank Transfer/EFT OR by Credit card (Visa and Mastercard only).

  • When is payment due? 

Payment is due upfront, before we send the goods to you. You can make payment by EFT/Direct bank transfer or by Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard only).

  • If payment is made up-front, how long after payment will the goods be sent?

We ship most goods within 2-3 business days of receiving payment. Goods are sent from our Sydney warehouse and will generally arrive within 2-5 business days (Eastern States) and 5-10 business days (SA, NT and WA).

  • What happens after payment is made?

Once your order has been placed you will receive an email confirmation.

If you have elected to pay by Credit Card, then we will process your order and send the paid Tax Invoice with the goods (see above for estimated delivery times).

If you have elected to pay by Direct bank transfer, the email confirmation will have our Bank Accounts details included so that you can make payment. We will also email you a Tax Invoice. As soon as payment has been received in our Bank Account, we will process your order. See above for estimated delivery times.