Earth Day is almost here. Let’s work together to boost water savings, improve our environment and give the next generation a better future.

This year’s Earth Day theme is designed to persuade businesses, governments, and citizens around the globe of the need to invest in our planet. We need to work actively to improve our environment, giving the next generation a better and a safer future.

At uridan, we feel very fortunate to be working with a community of people that show a significant commitment to natural resource savings.

The entire uridan community works to boost water savings in commercial and government buildings, supporting businesses in their efforts to reach sustainability targets and water savings goals.

While primary benefits of conserving water are a reduction in water use, secondary benefits include a reduction in energy use and improved building efficiencies.

We strongly believe that every organisation can DO MORE to USE LESS. It is important to our environment and to our shared future. And uridan is a daily essential that makes the world better by saving precious water every day!

So, consider going waterless and use our online calculator to estimate just how much water you can save.

With Earth Day coming up on Saturday 22nd April, let’s remember how closely we are connected to Earth, and our responsibility to preserve it!