Our experience shows that architects are fascinated with the concept of waterless urinals and how they actually work.

Waterless urinal design is simple. And the concept makes a real difference to overall water use in developments.

The idea that a urinal doesn’t need to flushing is surprising to some. But why waste precious water to rinse away a body fluid that is, in itself, 95% water?

So how do waterless urinals work?

Uridan waterless urinals work on the premise that oil is lighter than water.

At the heart of the uridan urinal is a waste trap that works with the uriLOCK blocking fluid. Because uriLOCK is lighter than urine, urine flows directly through the oil, and into the waste trap. From here, urine is gravity fed into the sewer system below.

As the uriLOCK oil remains on the surface of the waste trap, this delivers a perfect liquid seal. This seal prevents any odours from entering the bathroom above.

Hidden benefits

Installing uridan is cheaper than installing flushing urinals, because uridan comes with its own fitting kit and requires only a connection to a waste pipe. This reduces plumbing costs significantly, and NO electrical installation costs apply ( as sensors, flush valves and sparge pipes are not required).

Ongoing, building owners and tenants can save on potable water & associated embodied energy. Additional benefits include improved building efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved sustainability ratings. 

If you are fascinated with the concept of waterless urinals and you want to know more Contact Us to discuss your project in more detail. To specify uridan, browse the collection and select a style that will boost your amenities design, or use our online calculator to estimate just how much water you can save.