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How it works?

uridan's NEW built-in waste trap works on the simple principle of an S-bend. The waste trap is connected directly to the sewer system and the biodegradable blocking fluid uriLOCK sits on the surface of the trap creating a perfect liquid seal. Because uriLOCK is lighter than urine, uriLOCK remains on the surface while urine flows through and directly into the sewer system below.

 uriLOCK's liquid seal prevents sewer odours from entering into the room above the urinal's stainless steel cover.

What’s new?

» Fast, odourless, contact-free maintenance
» No messy opening of the waste trap
» A maintenance regime that can be completed in just 10 seconds
» Absolutely water-free servicing

Video - How uridan works

The new High-Tech Cover tells you when servicing is required.

The High-Tech Cover let’s you know when maintenance is required ensuring servicing is completed simply and efficiently.

Intelligent technology monitors the fluid level in the urinal’s built-in waste trap. A magnetic pen is used to monitor the fluid level.

Simply swipe the cover with the magnetic pen and the LED indicator will light up GREEN if the uriLOCK level is GOOD, and RED if the uriLOCK refill is required.

Say goodbye to the unnecessary opening of the cover to check if servicing is required. The High-Tech Cover will do the job for you.



We offer simplicity. With less costs and less effort.

In specifying uridan for a project the savings are clear. For every traditional flushing urinal, you can purchase 3 uridan urinals. uridan products do not require complex plumbing, sparge pipes, electrical flush mechanisms, sensors or associated fittings so cost savings are significant and installation is kept simple. 

Ongoing maintenance is easy. Just pour uriLOCK blocking fluid over the stainless steel cover and the urinal is ready for operation.

The uridan daily clean - It's Simple.

Daily Cleaning

uriCLEAN Logo

uridan can be cleaned very effectively with uriCLEAN. Simply spray and wipe the urinal surface with uriCLEAN cleaning spray. uriCLEAN helps to retain the high gloss finish of your urinal bowls and the lotus effect prevents any adhesion of urine drops, causing liquids to simply roll off. This keeps your amenities fresh and hygienic. 

  • Spray uriCLEAN on the cover and surface of the bowl.
  • Leave for a moment to react
  • Clean by brushing in a circular motion with a conventional brush.
  • Polish the outer and inner surface in circular motion with the uriCLOTH cleaning cloth.

Simple servicing - with lower costs and less effort.

Refilling uriLOCK

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Our patented, biodegradable blocking fluid ensures that your urinals remain clean, odourless and pleasant to use. No costly mats, deodorisers, inserts or chemicals are required in daily operation. 

  • Pour uriLOCK blocking fluid directly over the cover
  • Refill according to frequency of use (every 1-3 months)

Say Goodbye to heavy and persistent dirt and deposits!

Deep Cleaner

uriSTRONG Logo

uriSTRONG is designed for heavy and persistent dirt and mineral deposits in sanitary areas. uriSTRONG also removes lime and calcification. The recommended application is 1 to 2 times a year.

  • Pour 5 to 10 liters of water directly over the cover.
  • Lift cover with suction device.
  • Mix uriSTRONG with warm water as indicated in the instructions.
    1:20 to 1:10
  • Pour the diluted uriSTRONG solution into the urinal, allowing 5 to 30 minutes of exposure time.
  • Rinse using 10 liters of cold water.
  • Insert the cover and pour uriLOCK over the cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the urinal smell?
No. uridan® urinals do not smell if maintained correctly.
The centrepiece of the urinal is the patented uridan® waste trap. This trap works with the aid of urilock®, a special blocking fluid. uriLOCK consists of plant based substances and is biodegradable. Due to the fact that the blocking fluid is lighter than urine, the heavier urine flows directly through the uriLOCK and into the sewer system below. The lighter urilock® stays on the surface creating a perfect liquid seal; thereby blocking any sewer odours.
How do I clean the uridan® urinal?
The daily cleaning process is simple. We recommend our special cleaning fluid – uriclean®. Spray uriCLEAN onto the surface of the urinal bowl (inside and out) leave to work for a moment and wipe.
Is a uridan® urinal less hygienic than a conventional flushing urinal?
Exactly the opposite in fact! Urine itself is a sterile liquid in the human body. When urine comes into contact with water, bacteria can grow. Independent tests from recognized laboratories have shown that bacterial contamination is greater in flushing urinals compared to waterless urinals.
How to change the blocking fluid?
Option 1: For urinals installed before July 2018

Changing the blocking fluid urilock® requires only 4 steps.
1. open, 2. clean, 3. close, 4. refill: Remove the stainless steel cover with the uridan® hook and remove the underlying pipe using long nose pliers. Now all liquids will flush into the sewage system. Clean the trap inside with a bucket of water and a brush, replace the pipe and ensure this clicks into place before priming the trap with water. Place the stainless steel cover over the pipe and pour urilock® over the cover. The urinal is now ready for use.

Option 2: For urinals installed after July 2018

Changing the blocking fluid simply requires you to pour the blocking fluid urilock® over the stainless steel cover. Download Manual (above) for more detailed servicing instructions.

How frequently should the urilock® refill/servicing be completed?
This will depend on the traffic in your amenities. We generally recommend servicing every 6-10 weeks in a normal office setting depending on usage. Servicing becomes necessary due to the muddy residues at the bottom of the waste trap. Generally when you find urine drains slowly or the colored sealing liquid appears over the top of the cover – this is an indicator that servicing is required.
Is it difficult to replace a flushing urinal with a uridan®-urinal?
Replacing a flushing urinal with a uridan waterless urinal is simple. It is strongly recommended that the sewer line is jetted and clean of uric scale before installation of the uridan waterless urinal. uridan urinals require no flushing mechanisms, solenoids or sparge pipes. Simple connect the urinal to a 50mm waste pipe in accordance with AZ/NZ3500. uridan urinals come complete with the required fitting kit, installation instructions, 300ml of urilock liquid and a 500ml bottle of the uriclean cleaning solution.
How about vandalism?
uridan®-urinals are fixed onto the wall with a special cross mounting system which cannot be tampered with without taking the urinal off the wall.

The urinals are available in ceramic and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) materials ensuring there is a solution for any amenity. The GRP materials are particularly vandalproof and regularly specified for public bathrooms, sports grounds, surf clubs and high traffic amenities.

If you have any further questions, please contact us today!