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The new uridan technology

Uridan continues to innovate and our latest uridan urinals are rolled out with the patented new  uridan waste trap.  The new trap design works on the principle of an s-bend forming a perfect seal to the sewer. This means uridan now delivers superior technology with the simplest cleaning and maintenance regime of any waterless urinal on the market.

How it works?

At the heart of the uridan urinal is the unique waste trap that works with uriLOCK, uridan's biodegradable odour blocking fluid. uriLOCK is lighter than urine, reamining on the surface of the waste trap, creating a perfet liquid seal. While urine flows directly thorugh the uriLOCK and into the sewer system below, the uriLOCK liquid prevents any odours from entering the room above.


What's  NEW?

» Improved performance
» Touchless operation and maintenance
» No water or electricity connection required
» Great Design - Simple Functionality

How it Works - Video

The Intelligent Drain Cover - the smart choice

The uridan Intelligent Drain Cover makes uridan the smartest choice ever. The innovative Intellgient Drain Cover let’s you know when maintenance is required, ensuring servicing is completed simply and efficiently.

Smart technology monitors the fluid level in the urinal’s built-in waste trap. A magnetic pen is used to monitor the fluid level.

Simply swipe the cover with the magnetic pen and the LED indicator will light up GREEN if the uriLOCK level is GOOD, and RED if the uriLOCK refill is required.

Say goodbye to the unnecessary opening of the cover to check if servicing is required. The High-Tech Cover will do the job for you.

We offer simplicity. With less costs and less effort.

In specifying uridan for a project the savings are clear. For every traditional flushing urinal, you can purchase 3 uridan urinals. uridan products do not require complex plumbing, sparge pipes, electrical flush mechanisms, sensors or associated fittings so cost savings are significant and installation is kept simple.