The Covid-19 pandemic has increased our awareness around sanitation and cleanliness, and as we gradually return to work, building managers are in search of the best touchless solutions to boost hygiene in their buildings.

With this in mind, Uridan continues to innovate and the latest uridan urinals boast 100% touch free use and the smart technology delivering touch free servicing.

Uridan urinals use no water at all (meaning no flush is required), and our new service regime means servicing can take place without coming into direct contact. Best of all though is our intelligent drain cover, which lets you know via our smart LED indicators exactly when maintenance is required.

Simply swipe the cover with the magnetic pen and the LED indicators will light up GREEN if the uriLOCK level is GOOD, and RED if a uriLOCK REFILL IS REQUIRED.


Uridan’s intelligent drain delivers a completely touch-free solution in amenities

This innovation offers commercial building managers a simple solution to heighten cleanliness in amenities, streamline servicing regimes and improve both hygiene and performance in commercial bathrooms.

Get in touch today to ask our team how we can help boost your amenities with touchless smart technology!