Uridan has been an important part of Watersave Australia since 2003. In May 2017, Watersave Australia relaunched as SUMS Group to reflect the growing diversity of our company’s activities.

Our rebrand to SUMS Group reflects our growing focus on water AND energy savings. While our roots remain firmly fixed in water, our business has expanded. This means the name Watersave no longer accurately reflects our capabilities.

Today, SUMS Group continues to focus on:

  • The delivery of the Uridan range of waterless urinals providing sustainability and water savings to organisations across Australia and New Zealand
  • The SmartMeter Utility Management Solution (SUMS) delivering a simple online platform for utility management, business intelligence, analysis and reporting.

Paul Marsh, Managing Director at SUMS Group says “We have taken this opportunity to strengthen and modernise how we present ourselves in the market to our clients and our partners around the world. We continue to innovate and develop our capabilites to meet changing market demands. Uridan remains  Australia’s leading waterless urinal and we are excited to be part of the growing focus on sustainability in Australian building design. Today, we can deliver both the products that save water and the online monitoring of utilities via the SUMS platform. This means we can collaborate with both architects and building managers to create truly sustainable buildings and continue to monitor for improvements, building efficiencies and resource savings even after a building project has been completed.”