This month, Uridan in Australia is celebrating its 15th birthday.

Uridan was first brought into Australia by Watersave Australia (now known as SUMS Group) in 2003. At this time, Australia was experiencing below average rain fall and Paul Marsh’s passion for water conservation manifested through the introduction of the Uridan range of waterless urinals.

‘With water fast becoming one of Australia’s most precious resources, Uridan was a simple water management solution that would respect and conserve this valuable asset.’ says Paul Marsh, Managing Director of SUMS Group.

In 2003, waterless urinals were not available in Australia, so Uridan soon became ‘the trail blazer’ for the concept, despite the fact that waterless urinals had been available in Europe and the USA for over a decade.

The Uridan Collection provided Architects, Designers and Building Facility Managers with a unique combination of environmental performance, operating cost savings, combined with striking Danish Design.

Fast forward to today and Uridan has become the pre-eminent waterless urinal brand delivering water and cost savings in high traffic amenities, commercial buildings, airports, shopping centres, office towers, sporting facilities, hospitality and education sectors.

For fifteen years, Uridan has saved an average 60,000 litres of water per urinal per year. With over 20,000 uridan urinals installed across Australia this amounts to 1.2million kL of water saved per annum. Collectively, this translates to Uridan being responsible for savings equivalent to 2 Sydney Harbours in water volume since 2003.


Paul Marsh says ‘We are proud of our Uridan heritage. Today, it is our company’s mission to be global innovators, partnering with and empowering organisations to be leaders for responsible water and energy use. We recognise that we have a duty to use this precious resource wisely. Our water usage today will affect generations to come and Uridan delivers savings and sustainability, every day.’