Uridan is possibly best known for its single bowl waterless urinal collection with the matching Spinnaker privacy screen characteristic of the Uridan brand. The striking Danish design and the simple hydraulic engineering has resulted in an unrivalled waterless urinal design.

The success of the Uridan single bowl urinal has lead to an increasing interest in Uridan’s range of waterless troughs – also known as the Uridan Crew. The Crew is increasingly specified for high traffic commercial installations.

The Uridan Crew installed in high traffic amenities


Uridan trough urinals have the in-built water lock distinctly unique to the Uridan design. Uridan troughs provide a high level of hygiene in amenities combined with low cost maintenance and a huge reduction in water and energy use.

The simple maintenance procedure requires no expensive proprietary cartridges, bladders, or high cost mechanical seals. The only requirement is the Urilock fluid, a biodegradable oil blocking all odours from the sewer below. As no replacement parts are required, this greatly reduces the running cost of Uridan urinals when compared to other urinal brands.

A Uridan single bowl urinal saves approximately 60,000 litres of water per year, so a 2400mm trough (equivalent to 4 single bowl urinals) saves on average 240,000 litres per year, leading to savings in water and waste water charges plus the associated carbon savings attributed to moving water around a building.