The Brisbane International Airport amenities, featuring Uridan’s state-of-the-art waterless urinals, have been named Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility. The annual competition, hosted by Total Facilities, Australia’s largest facilities management exhibition, aims to advocate washroom wellbeing.

The coveted title went to Brisbane’s newly refurbished airport amenities, which feature innovative wash basins, toilets and hand-dryers, touchscreen technology, as well as stunning photography showcasing Queensland. The amenities feature Uridan Australia’s best-selling Admiral waterless urinal. Uridan’s elegant shape and the smooth curved surfaces ensure the urinals remain simple to clean and maintain.

Uridan Admiral installed at Brisbane Airport


“We evaluate bathrooms on design, innovation, aesthetics and products and services that improve wellbeing for everyone,” said Total Facilities’ Andrew Lawson in a press release. “This competition profiles some of the most progressive organisations which are at the forefront of bathroom experiences.”

The bold redevelopment was part of the airport’s appeal for more sustainable solutions, but also a desire to provide a unique visual experience different from other common public bathrooms.

Krishan Tangri, Brisbane Airport Corporation’s general manager for assets, said the toilets created “the all-important first impression of our city, state and country”.

“When international travellers set foot in one of our newly refurbished bathrooms, they’re taken on an aspirational journey around Australia — before they’ve even left the airport,” he said.

The annual Best Bathroom Facility competition is open to all public and private bathrooms.

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