Viking Rentals is Australia’s premium hire and service provider operating across Australia. The company has changed the way people think of portable buildings delivering bespoke offices, amenities blocks, showers and VIP bathrooms for construction, private parties through to large scale, major events and multi day festivals.

The Company is at the forefront of portable bathroom experiences. This requires careful product design and selection and for this reason, Viking amenities feature Danish designed uridan waterless urinals.

Uridan urinals deliver the following outcomes for Viking Rentals’ customers:


Uridan urinals are outstanding performers in high traffic amenities. The urinals are easily cleaned and sanitized. Waste runs directly into the building’s built-in black water tank, and the urinal’s water-lock ensures no odours escape into the bathroom above. This allows Viking Rentals to present a hygienic, germ free bathroom for any occasion.

Viking Rentals amenities block featuring the uridan Crew waterless urinal



Uridan urinals use no water at all. Water is not required to be trucked into sites to flush urinals, saving transport costs and reducing emissions. This in turn reduces black-water waste stored in the 4,000-litre integrated waste-water tank located under any Viking Rentals’ amenity building. With no water required to operate the urinals, this aligns perfectly with Viking Rentals sustainability goals – conserving water and the environment.

Furthermore, all Viking Amenities are built to the highest standards with cabin weight, width and length planned meticulously, to allow 2 amenities blocks on a standard semi-trailer, creating further emissions and transport savings.


The company delivers a quality product with the functionality and facilities required to boost value and modern amenities appeal. Viking Amenities do not look like your standard portable or modular buildings. They are practical, stylish, modern and designed to be a pleasure to use.

The uridan products are selected due to their aesthetic appeal, the lightweight and extremely durable fibreglass material, and the wide range of colour options and designs. The uridan range includes the uridan CREW trough urinal for those busy, high traffic amenities; and the stylish single bowl urinals, perfect for green rooms or VIP facilities.


Construction, events and festivals often take place in green-field sites where plumbing isn’t readily available. Viking Rentals deliver amenities designs that can be transported easily, minimise infrastructure requirements, limit black water pump-out and deliver a quality outcome for the customer. Amenities are designed to work well for short- and long-term hire.

Matt Jones from Viking Rentals says: ‘We pride ourselves on delivering quality bathrooms incorporating great design, innovation, aesthetics and performance. We select products that reflect a desire for more sustainable solutions, delivering buildings that boost performance for our customers and improve wellbeing for everyone. Uridan waterless urinals are instrumental in helping us achieve these objectives.’

So… while the age of the Viking long boat is gone, the Viking Rentals’ Crew continue to travel far and wide to source the best solutions for their fleet of portable buildings.