From the Uridan Captain to the Uridan Crew, the Danish design collection continues to expand, improving the range of uridan waterless urinals for use in commercial amenities across Australia. The uridan collection includes a range of single bowl and trough urinals, floor and wall mounted solutions, with products available in ceramic or glass reinforced plastic. Products are available in a range of standard colours or urinals can be manufactured in special colours to match your specific project requirements.

We take a look at the two exciting new uridan urinals available on the Australian market from July 2020,

The Admiral Mini

Introducing the Admiral Mini. This urinal is inspired by uridan’s preeminent waterless urinal design, the original uridan Admiral.

The Admiral Mini – same popular design – now in a smaller size

The arrival of the Admiral Mini means you can utilise this top selling urinal design – even in projects where space is at a premium. The appearance and functionality is exactly as before, but the product footprint is reduced by 13 percent ensuring that you can still have your product of choice despite limited wall and floor space in amenities.

The uridan Master

The Master is designed with comfort and modesty in mind. While the Master maintains that unique uridan style and flair to smarten any bathroom, this urinal is designed with slightly higher urinal walls creating added comfort and privacy for users. The uridan Master perfect solution if you are wishing to deliver that stylish, statement bathroom with additional thought to user well-being.

The Uridan Master

Grey is the new Black

Well known for tailored urinal solutions, uridan has introduced two new colour-ways to the collection – telegrey and iron grey. While grey is not be the first colour that springs to mind for commercial amenities, designers agree that grey is clean and elegant, setting the scene for a variety of stylish mood boards. Uridan’s new grey colours fit perfectly alongside the classic black and whites in the collection.

See the entire uridan collection here or download the uridan brochure